Earn points while Chasing Watts!

While chasing watts, you will also power up with the joule points program! Through your interaction on the Chasing Watts site and mobile apps, you will earn valuable points.

Create a ride, join a ride, chat, invite your friends and review rides - all will earn you points that can get you limited swag and cool bike stuff!

Please contact us with any questions or feedback on the Joule program!

Please note, adding content will earn points and deleting content will deduct points equally.

joule Classification

Activity Create 5
Activity Roster 3
Activity Invite 3
Activity Review 2
Activity Chat 1

joule Levels

microwatt 0 - 100
picowatt 101 - 200
decawatt 201 - 300
gigawatt 301 - 500
zettawatt 501 - 700
yottawatt 701 - 2000

Joules Leaderboard - Top 20