Frequently Asked Questions

Chasing Watts was developed for cyclists by cyclists. The question of "Where are you riding?" and the various media outlets makes it difficult to get folks together on a group ride. Chasing Watts solves that issue by allowing cyclists to add and see the group rides in their area.

The application is based on the users location and will show rides within a distance radius around that location.
Finding fun and safe rides is easy!

Chasing Watts is the premieire group ride platform on the market.
Chasing Watts is 100% free. You can view the calendar, search for rides and view the ride details without an account.

In order to create a ride or join/respond and chat to a ride, you will need a Chasing Watts account.

Registration is quick and easy! Create your account, update your profile and you're good to go!

Create an account!
Adding a ride to Chasing Watts is purposefully simple.

A ride can be created with or without a route. It's quick & easy to add a ride with basic details such as name, date/time, start location and distance.

To make it easy to add a route to your ride, Chasing Watts integrates with Ride with GPS, Strava or a local GPX file for your routes.
To leverage your external routes, you need to authorize Chasing Watts to access your information. You can easily manage the logins in Chasing Watts via External Logins.

Once you have allowed authorization, on the add ride page, you can get a list and import one of your available routes...

Route List

After a route is selected, Chasing Watts will import many of the ride details from the route.

Update the other required fields, such as date, start time, speed range and then add the ride!
That's it - youe are done and ready to invite people to your ride!

Add a ride!