Public Ride
Group on Normal Road Ride owner: Ben Champion
Thursday, August 4, 2022
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
23.2 miles @ 18 - 20 mph
Humid and Mostly Cloudy
92.56 °F Current | 101.18 °F Feels Like
0% Precip | 53% Humidity
Winds SSE at ~9.7 mph | Wind Gust up to 13.86 mph
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Come out and ride from the Walking Stick and stay for beers afterwards!Targeting a chill 18-20MPH social pace. No drop stop for all mechanicals. There will be some sprint zones regrouping afterwards.Bring lights follow all traffic laws and have fun. Stay for beer afterwards @ The brewery with a food truck onsite.

Sprints @ White Oak Dr Elysian Bridge and TC Jester Bridge. Regroup afterwards

Speed averages at 18 to 20MPH!
map notes
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Elevation gain: 273.53 ft | Elevation loss: 273.63 ft


why so quiet? who's riding?!
respect one another, have fun and be safe!