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Designed by cyclists for cyclists - Chasing Watts is the premiere platform to help cyclists, local bike shops or teams stay easily connected to local rides. Purposefully built to be simplistic in every aspect. Add a ride or find a ride. Let's ride.

Ride Details

Know all the details to have a safe & fun ride. Date/Time, Start/Stop locations, Speed, Weather. All information syncs between web and mobile app instantly!


Ride Roster

Curious to know who's going to show up? Easily see who you will be riding with. Know who's a yes, no or maybe.


Ride Route

Where are we going? Be prepared and know the route before you ride - the terrain, elevation and rest stops. Easily download the route to your cycling computer.


Ride Chat

Have a question or suggestion? Quickly and easily post a message to the ride group directly. Stay up-to-date with instant notifications.

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Stop asking 'Who's riding?' and just ride. We here to help you get in that group ride quick & easy!

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